04 de junio de 2014

Argentime: The Magazine

What is Argentime? In order to answer that question we would have to start by trying to anser what is Argentina. When we come across sucha a wondefurl land like this one, it is hard to find the wright answer.

Argentina is one of the few countries in the world that has so many attractions and so different. Endless natural marvels with thousands of diverse landscapes such as the Iguazú Falls, the gorge of Humauaca, the Moon Valley, the misterious Patagonia and so many other that constantly attract thousands and thousands of tourists from every part of the world. Its prestigious and unique gastronomy, with the wines and meat as its most delighful exponents. Its fascinating culture that, just like the landscapes, it merges alongside the vast territory, generating an unique identity. All this represent a one of a kind mixture known as Argentina.

Argentime was born with the pure objective of reflecting all these positive aspects of Argentina to its own people and to the whole world. It was created in 1997, which translates in more than 15 years of uninterrupted presence in the editorial market. Since the beginnings the goal was to offer the same high level of the contents shown along its pages and that is why Editorial Argentime always sustained a great printing quality, as well as the photographic and journalistic one. Argentime exhibits a well balanced and elegant design that mixes both classic and modern style, with the intention of showing a destinctive feel, so recognisable in the products of superior standards.

Throughout the years many features have been selected to fill our pages. Tourism, art, culture, sports, characters, economy, industry. All of them with one common element: to carry Argentina to a higher placer, the one it deserves. We just try to bring to light these many acts with proud and, once again, with a superior quality.

A new member of this family was recently introduced to everyone. We are referring to the digital version of Argentime, available for mobile devices on Apple Store and Google Play. Just like the printed edition, the goal was to reach for excelence in this new and exciting platform that also allows to show the best features of Argentina with novel resources to the whole wide world.

We invite you to meet Argentime, a publication and a brand synonim of Argentina.


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