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23 de junio de 2014

GRAFFITI: City Writers

At present, Buenos Aires is example of graffiti culture around the world. In fact, it is the venue of the Festival Internacional de Arte en Espacio Público (International Festival of Art in Public Places), an event that gathers a hundred outstanding graffiti artists in the world. Several companies, such as Gillette, McDonald’s, Ford, the Dot Shopping Mall and Coca-Cola, among others, have recently hired graffiti artists to create images that promote their products or to paint their buildings.

The art of painting the walls using spray paints was born as a rebellious and even loutish expression. In Buenos Aires, for example, it is considered an offence through which a person may serve a community sentence, or pay a fine that goes from $200 to $6,000 pesos. However, the government of the city of Buenos Aires does not apply the law currently in force. On the contrary, it fosters the creation of a register of graffiti artists and of walls that can be used for these artistic expressions. In this sense, artists say that Europe is much more restrictive.

Graffiti artists, who used to be on the edge of art and vandalism, have changed to such extent that have become part of the most traditional art circuit and are producing at the request of important companies. Many graffiti artists believe this is part of a natural process towards artistic maturation. That is the case of Daniel Stroomer.

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