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23 de junio de 2014

Subways: Travelling with art

It is a hundred years old, the first one that opened in South America and the 13th in the world. It has recently been remodeled. It has new cars that have replaced the old Le Brugeoise ones, works of art and artistic installations in the stations, and better traveling conditions for thousands of passengers that use this means of transport every day.

Line A of the subways in the city of Buenos Aires celebrated its 100th anniversary at the end of 2013. In March of that same year, the stations that, at that moment, were part of the route that went from Plaza de Mayo to Carabobo had already been remodeled. But before going into detail about what the remodeling consisted in, we should speak about the history of the oldest subway line in South America. 

The first mechanical ground transport system that worked in Argentina was the railway, which was inaugurated in August, 1857. Six years later, the human-powered tramway appeared, and, in 1870, the first two city tramway lines were inaugurated.

When, in 1894, the Congress building was put up in the same it stands today, the idea of the subway came back so as to reduce the journey between the Pink House and the Congress. To have an electrical air tramway that went along the Mayo Avenue was another alternative that pursued the same objective.Miguel Cané, the Buenos Aires’ Mayor between 1892 and 1893, also mentioned the need to build a subway, similar to that in London.

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