23 de junio de 2014

LOCRO: Argentine delicacy of Andean tradition

Locro is the typical expression or South American gastronomy. It is a thick kind of stew with a long-standing tradition among Argentine people. History shows that this dish has been part of our gastronomy for many years. Due to its irresistible flavor, it is always present on national holidays or cold winter days.

As many other dishes that are part of our gastronomy, locro is the perfect excuse to have a good time with friends and family and enjoy a dish full of history and tradition. Together with some good wine, this high-calorie dish is ideal for cold days.

An unmistakable characteristic of this stew is its thickness, whose color and texture is due to its ingredients, the pumpkin and the starch in the corn and the beans. Locro is one of the most sophisticated dishes in our gastronomy. It calls for patience since its cooking takes several hours. Some chefs even start the night before it is going to be served.

Its origin goes back to the times when only natives inhabited these lands. These peoples’ main food was corn. With the passing of time, the dish changed since other ingredients coming from other places were incorporated. At present, there are different recipes and different ways of cooking it.

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